Farm Fresh Eggs, Mason, MI

From hen to your home in a matter of days! Getting Lark Farm Free-Range Organic Eggs is like having your very own backyard chickens (without all the work). The family-owned and operated farm located in Mason has been selling eggs throughout the Lansing area since 2019.

Lark Farms produce delicious and nutritious eggs because of our unique farming style and high standards. Our hens are always on pasture and are never given antibiotics or hormones. This humane approach allows the chickens to act in their natural behavior; being able to run, jump fly and roll and dust their bodies in rich soils for natural skin protection. Their coops allow for ample perching and nesting to lay their eggs. Each flock has different breeds of chickens, which means that eggs may be different in color. This gives the eggs a unique look that is not typically found in the grocery store.

BROWN EGGS-$4 per dozen

These Grade AA large brown eggs are sourced from happy, healthy hens that have proudly called Lark Farm home since they were chicks. They enjoy a free-range lifestyle where they are free to run, preen, and socialize outdoors. The hens are fed the finest organic feed that meets Non-GMO Project standards.

WHITE EGGS-$4 per dozen

These extra-large Grade AA eggs (that’s the highest grade on the egg grading scale, by the way) are grown and packaged locally by Lark Farms in Mason and are free from hormones and antibiotics. Crack open one of these extra-large white eggs and you can’t miss the bright orange yolks. Whether you like your eggs scrambled, sunny side up, or poached over avocado toast, you’ll taste the farm-fresh difference.

We bring organic produce, nutritious eggs, cozy wool, and hand-crafted farm products fresh from our own family farm directly to your home. Contact us today for more information at (906) 231-7221!


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